Renting a Camaro in Chicago

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Renting a Camaro in Chicago will take some planning and research.   Your best bet are the national car rental companies like Avis and Budget. Again, you may need to rent the Camaro at the airport, so if you are not coming from the airport, make ride accommodations to get there.

Chicago’s main airport is O’Hare International Airport.  The rental car companies at O’Hare International are found near the baggage carousel areas of Terminals 1, 2 and 3. If you are at  Terminal 5 you can call the companies using free telephones; they also offer courtesy buses to their own various collection / return areas.

The following car rental companies are present at the airport:

  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • National

Alternatively, you can contact exotic car rental agencies such as FindExotic or ExoticCarRentals to see the availability of the Camaro on your desired dates.  These agencies usually charge a higher price and have more restrictions though , such as the maximum miles you are allowed to travel.

Finally, if all else fails, contact the local Camaro dealership to see if they offer daily rentals. To find the locations of a nearby Chevrolet dealership, visit the Chevrolet website and click on “Find a Dealer” and then enter in your zip code. Some dealerships will allow you to rent a car for a day or so.

Renting a Camaro in New York

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Rent a Camaro in New YorkIf you are planning a trip to New York and feel like you could add some luxury to your visit, why not rent a Camaro? Forget the yellow cabs and treat yourself! Driving through the streets of Big Apple at the wheel of the latest Camaro will most likely be an unforgettable experience.

Whilst quotes vary depending on which area you rent your car from, the average daily price is around $230 to $300 which is pretty standard for most regions in the United States.  The weekly rate for a Camaro averages $1450.  Below are some agencies we found with Camaro’s in New York.

Car Rental Express

Let’s start with, which is an online broker offering all kinds of vehicles, including Camaros in different area within and around New-York City. You can select each agency according to your location. There is also a list of all the areas where they operate, whether it is SoHo, New York City or La Guardia Airport for instance.

Quotes do change all the time so it’s difficult to give you an exact quotes as it may have changed when you enquire. You normally don’t find a Camaro for less than $200 a day but some of these agencies run specials and offer discounts on a regular basis. They also team up with other companies and you may be able to get a discount if you happen to be a client of a company they work with.

Of all the listed companies, we found that Empire Rent A Car and Action Car Rental were the most reliable and they have respectively 38 and 20 years experience. You usually can contact them directly through their contact form or by phone and explain your request.


Avis United States does provide Camaros for rent in New York City. They have the latest Chevy Camaro on offer but these sought-after cars are usually available in limited quantities. Avis advises prospective clients to book early in order to make sure you’ll be able to reserve one but also to benefit from their special “early booking” discount programmes.

You can make the reservation online at or contact them directly if you need further information about the rental fees and model of the Camaro you wish to rent. A live chat is also available.

Prestige Car Rental

Prestige Car Rental is another big name in and around New-York City! They provide a wide range of luxury vehicles. This includes a Convertible Range where you’ll be able to find Chevy Camaro for rent.

The rate for convertibles with Prestige Car Rental is around $270 daily and $1800 on a weekly basis.  They also offer week-end specials so make sure to enquire before booking.  As an added bonus, they provide free local pick-up and delivery services!

Prestige Car Rental can be contacted via their website at

The address of this rental agency can be found below:

New York City Car Rental
W 62nd St, Westside, Manhattan (212) 957-1525
E 33rd St, Midtown, Manhattan (212) 679-4747

Enjoy your time in the big apple!  Cruising over the Brooklyn Bridge in a nice new Camaro is sure to make your hair stand on end.  Don’t believe us?  Rent a Camaro for a day and find out for yourself!

Renting a Camaro in Washington DC

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Rent a camaro in Washington DCVisiting the Capital city of the United States is a must when spending some time on the North American continent! The city, with its historical buildings and many famous landmark buildings will keep you busy most of the time. However, you don’t want to visit the Washington DC on a bus, do you? Driving past the White House at the wheel of a nice Camaro is truly something.

Fortunately, there are rental agencies in Washington DC that can provide you with Camaros so that you can enjoy your stay in the American capital city in pure style.

Budget Car Rental

Budget Car Rental has an impressive fleet of cars to offer and amongst them are the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible.

The car seats four and has 19-28 mpg. As far as prices are concerned, they do vary according to the season and the many specials and discounts they have. The average prices stands at $190 daily but we couldn’t find a weekly quote. Prices also depend on the availability of the car. It’s much wiser to book early to make sure you’ll be able to rent one.

Below is the link to the Camaro Convertible for rent from Budget.

Their customer care service can help you and let you know how much the weekly quote would be for their Chevy Camaro. The phone number is listed below:

Budget Rental Agency
U.S. reservations         800-527-0700  anytime
Reservations outside the U.S.  800-472-3325  anytime

Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental have a great variety of high-end cars and can get you a Camaro upon request. They specialize in all kinds of car and have many luxury vehicles available. Whilst their quotes aren’t fixed, the average cost for a luxury vehicle when we asked is around $250 a day and $850 for a week.

Thrifty Car Rental offer deals for weeks and week ends and have travel agents ready to help you locate a Camaro. Whilst booking online is a your best bet, you may want to get in touch with the customer care before in order to find out more about the Camaro, its quote and specificities.

If you wish to contact them by phone, Thrifty Car Rental can be reached on:

Toll-free: 1-888-400-8877

Exotic Car Rentals DC

Finally, Exotic Car Rentals DC have the 2012 Camaro SS for rent.

The company is specialized in renting luxury cars and you may even try out the car before deciding to rent it. Reservations must be made online and we were not able to get fixed quotes, but were advised that a ballpark figure would be around $300 per day.

However, because the rental agency is specialized in high-end vehicles, you can expect a higher price tag for renting out one of their latest Camaro SS. Their website is quite informative and you can contact them via a simple form. You may specify what you are looking for and they’ll get back to you quite quickly.

The website address is

Exotic Car Rental DC is available on the following number:

DC 609.240.6247

We hope you enjoy your trip to the capital of the USA!  We know you will behind the wheel of a rented Chevrolet Camaro!

Renting a Camaro in San Francisco

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Rent a Camaro in San Francisco CaliforniaSan Francisco is without a doubt one of the most exciting and spectacular cities in America. It has been used as film locations time and time again and is a favourite with tourists. The “city by the bay” offers breathtaking views so why not take advantage of this opportunity and discover Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge or Point Reyes National Seashore at the wheel of a luxury Camaro?

Yes, renting a Camaro in San Francisco is possible even though there are fewer specialized rental agencies than in Los Angeles for instance.  The best option remains the high-street rental agencies. It is best to get in touch via their website and their customer service contact forms to check whether they have Camaros for rent when you visit.

Below is a list of those agencies where you can rent a Camaro and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway in style.


Avis is the best agency for renting a Camaro in San Francisco.  The latest Chevy Camaro SS can be yours for rent but quotes aren’t published. This said, the average price per day for a luxury car in San Francisco when we contacted Avis was around $250. Hiring the vehicle for a week would come cheaper.

Avis has numerous rental locations and the most popular remains San Francisco International, which address is below:

780 McDonnell Road
San Francisco, CA, 94128, US
(1) 650-877-6780
Location Code: SFO

Alternatively, visit their website to make a reservation.  Avis offers discounts and online rates are usually lower.

Dollar Car Rentals

Dollar can provide you with a quote for a Camaro but enquiries must be made via their website.

Daily rates were quoted between $250 and $300 depending on the day of the week and time of the year (e.g. if it is near a holiday weekend, or over summer vacation).

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Finally, Enterprise Rent-a-Car sometimes have Chevy Camaro available but they don’t advertise the quotes. However, the quote for a Camaro in San Francisco didn’t exceed $300 a day when we contacted them.

This nationwide rental agency has a great customer service, which is available on 1-800-264-6350.  They have a branch at the (SFO), San Francisco International Airport, which address is below.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94128-3103

The next time you’re in San Francisco, why not do it in style in a Camaro! Hopefully this helps you achieve that dream!  Let us know if you find any other good deals in SanFran and we’ll get them up here ASAP!

Renting a Camaro in Phoenix

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Rent a Camaro in Phoenix ArizonaAre you looking to rent a luxury car to visit Phoenix? The weather is good most of the year and as a matter of fact, driving a convertible car is not so much a luxury there. Phoenix is a big city where you can enjoy plenty of activities but the nearby areas offer beautiful vistas of the desert and driving through the desert in a Camaro convertible must be quite an experience.

Renting a Camaro in the Phoenix area is relatively easy to do and many rental agencies located in Phoenix can provide you with a Camaro to enjoy your time in Arizona.  Below are the three top rental agencies in Phoenix and nearby:


First of all, Avis is a sure bet, when looking to rent a Camaro in Phoenix. Their nationwide presence makes them one of the best options, even when looking to rent a high-end vehicle.

Avis offers Camaro SS for the following rates:

  • $189 per day
  • $790 per week
  • Many Internet specials are available
  • Discounts may apply for early bookings

Bookings are usually made through their

You can also contact them directly at the Phoenix Airport address:

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport – (PHX)
Phoenix, AZ 85034
(1) 602-261-5900
Sun – Sat Open 24 Hours


Hertz Adrenaline Collection is another safe bet when looking to rent a Camaro during your stay in Phoenix. We have found the following:

Chevy Camaro SS and Chevy Camaro SS Convertibles


  • 400HP 6.2L V8 engine
  • 6-speed auto trans with TAPshift controls
  • Performance-tuned suspension
  • Four-piston Brembo® vented disc brakes
  • 20” polished or painted wheels
  • Leather seats
  • 245-Watt Boston Acoustics® 9-speaker sound system
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology for select phones
  • Digital Heads Up Display (HUD)

Rates vary but are within the $200 to $250 bracket. However, rates may be higher for the SS Convertible so it’s best to check with them directly. Hertz can offer discounts for early bookings and week ends. They also have Internet specials depending on the season.

Their website address specifically for the Adrenalin Collection is as follows:

Phoenix Cheap Car Rental

Finally, also have Chevrolet Camaros for rent through Fox-Rent a Car- but their quotes aren’t published. However, they should be slightly lower than the others rental agencies mentioned here.

They offer discount coupons and their address is below: 

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport depot
1805 E. Sky Harbor Circle So Car Rental Center
Phoenix , AZ , US

Hopefully this information helps you to find a nice Camaro to drive the next time you’re in the city of Phoenix in Arizona.  If you find a good deal somewhere, don’t forget to let us know by commenting below so that we can spread the word to other Camaro enthusiasts!

Renting a Camaro in Houston

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Rent a Camaro in HoustonIf you’re visiting Texas for a holiday or on business, make sure you stop in Houston. The city is great for entertainment but it’s even better when you can arrive in style, isn’t it? Why not rent a Camaro in Houston? The weather is good most of the year and renting a Camaro Convertible could be so much fun!

Houston is a big city with many attractions and driving around in a high-end car is something you should really consider, especially if you like sports cars. Now, many people don’t actually know where to look when they decide to rent a Camaro but Houston has quite a few rental locations offering all types of Camaro at affordable quotes!

Here’s the list of locations we have rounded up:


Avis car rental in Houston have Chevrolet Camaro Convertible’s for rent all year round. They usually have the latest models and may be able to get you a specific model you’re after if you enquire well in advance of your trip.

Prices tend to vary depending on the seasons and the special discounts they offer. Prices with Avis are generally as follows and must be confirmed when making your reservation:

  • Daily prices from $170 to $250
  • Weekly rentals range from $1100 to $1700

The above prices vary depending on the model and time of year you’re looking to rent.

Avis has several rental locations in Houston but its best to contact the ones located near the airports. The addresses are below:

George Bush Intercontinental Airport – (IAH)
Houston, TX 77032
(1) 281-443-5800
Sun – Sat Open 24 Hours

William P Hobby Airport – (HOU)
Houston, TX 77061
(1) 713-641-9300
Sun – Sat Open 24 Hours

Find Exotic

The online Company can also supply you with a Camaro. The exact model they have is a Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Coupe, the high powered 8 cylinder model.  This is sure to get your heart racing!

The typical Daily Rental for the Camaro 2SS Coupe is as follows and depends on the time of year you’re looking to rent the vehicle:

  • From $195.00 to $279.00 daily
  • From $1150 to $1799 for weekly rentals

This company is a broker and will work with other agencies across the country so can also assist in finding specific models of Camaro if the 2SS isn’t what you’re after.

Auto Exotic Rental

Finally, we have located a company called in Houston.

They have the Camaro 2SS Convertible available for rent.  As a special bonus, their Camaro’s have the ground effect package which really turns heads!

This model has the following features:

  • Horsepower: 428
  • Engine: V8 6.2L
  • Transmission: Automatic

Daily rates have been slashed. Here is a breakdown:

  • Daily rates used to be $399 but are now $299
  • 3 day specials for $879
  • Weekly specials for $1799

Note that the above prices only include 100 miles daily, with every extra mile costing $1/mile.

You can get in touch with at following address:

Auto Exotic Rental – Texas Premier Luxury Car Rental
1717 St  James Pl.Suite 325
Houston TX 77056
Toll Free: 888-444-3734
Houston: 713-444-9999

We hope this information helps you into the drivers seat when you rent a Camaro the next time you’re in Houston.  If you find any other good locations, please let us know by sending a comment below and we’ll spread the word!

Renting a Camaro in Orlando

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Are you thinking of renting a Camaro to whilst you are in Orlando? A few rental agencies are on hand to help you drive in style in one of the nicest cities of the ‘Sunshine State’. Camaros are often spotted driving along the big boulevards of the city—and it could well be you next time.

Rent a Camaro in Orlando

Rental agencies in Orlando are everywhere. They are conveniently situated near the local airport, which in our case is Orlando International Airport, and can offer special discounts if you book online and in advance. Even if you are looking to rent a high-end car such as a Camaro, you will benefit from their discounts or specials, provided you book early.

There are also a few other rental agencies—slightly more expensive—in and around the city of Orlando. However, if what you are looking for is a customized Camaro, then your best bet is one of these agencies rather than the high-street ones.

Here is the list of the rental agencies where you can rent a Camaro in Orlando:


Rates are not fixed and vary according to your booking time. However, the average cost for renting a Camaro in Orlando is $200 per day. This said, you could be eligible for a discount or one of their “specials” if you book early.

To look for a quote, visit

Enterprise has a few rental locations around Orlando but your best bet remains the one located by Orlando International Airport. The address is below:

Orlando International Airport
9400 Airport Blvd
Orlando, FL 32827-4372
Tel.: (407) 281-3555

GP Luxury Rentals

GP Luxury Rentals covers the city of Orlando and can provide you with a customized Camaro. This agency has an excellent reputation and should be able to provide you with the model you are after. The average cost is listed below:

  • Daily rates from $279.99
  • Weeky rates also available starting at $1799.99
  • Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance

For more information, GP Luxury Rentals can be contacted by phone on 1-866-286-9026 or visit their website:

Exclusive Auto Rental

This company is another agency specializing in high-end vehicles. You can rent a Camaro SS Coupé from them for the following rates:

  • $250 daily
  • $1550 weekly
  • Free delivery and pick-up is offered to all customers
  • Up to 20% discount on rentals of 7 days or more – ask for this upon making your reservation
  • Exclusive Auto Rental offers 30% off your luxury airport transportation

Exclusive Auto Rental address is below. This is the Miami branch but covers Orlando too.

252 SW 6th Street
Miami, FL 33130
Tel (USA): 305-794-2017

Thanks for choosing Rent a Camaro to help you find a Camaro rental in the Orlando region.  If you manage to find other good deals or specials in this area please write to us using the form below and let us know so we can share the details with other Camaro lovers!

Renting a Camaro in Las Vegas

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When visiting Las Vegas, you want to arrive and leave in real style. How about renting a Camaro to drive along the strip? Las Vegas is definitely one of the most exciting and entertaining places on earth.

Camaro Las Vegas

Just imagine yourself driving a Camaro through Sin City as they call it, with the neon lights and the many hotels and casinos. Driving through the amazing streets of the world famous Vegas at the wheel of a luxury Camaro is going to be such an experience. Now, how about finding one?

Unsurprisingly, the big rental companies are there to help you get in the seat of a nice Camaro and help you discover the amazing views of the entertainment capital of the world.


Avis have a few rental locations which address are below.  As far as the price are concerned, the average cost for renting a Camaro in Las Vegas with Avis varies from $210 to slightly more than $300. These are average prices and depend on the season as well as the special discounts they may have on offer.

You can either book online at or ring or visit one of these rental locations:

3730 Las Vegas Blvd South
Aria City Center
Las Vegas, NV, 89158 , US

202 Fremont Street
Las Vegas
(702) 387-5191

Budget Car Rentals

Budget  is another really good option. Located by the airport at the address below, Camaros can be rented on certain dates. Now, as far as the prices are concerned, the quotes vary from $199 to $270 exclusive of any discounts or special.

Budget Car Rentals offers good discounts and specials when you book early. They also offer week end discounts of up to %25 although these promotions are not available all year long. It’s best to check with them directly or on their website at


Dream Car Rentals

Finally, Dream Car Rentals can offer Camaros for rent. This car rental agency specializes in luxury cars and can source out a Camaro for you. Whilst the car doesn’t feature on their site, enquiries can be made directly through their website contact form.

Quotes are not available but the prices will most probably be higher than with one of the high-street rental agencies.  Visit for more information and possible quotes.

Dream Car Rentals have two rental locations which addresses are below:

3735 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Located next to the Harley Davidson Cafe.
Phone: 702-895-6661

5050 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Airport Location.
Phone: 702-895-6661

Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… that is except for the amazing time you’ll have cruising the strip in your Camaro!  If you find any other good deals on Camaro’s in Las Vegas, please let us know using the comment section below and we’ll update this article to give out the good news!

Renting a Camaro in Denver

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Denver (in the US state of Colorado) is a really cool city and there is plenty of sightseeing to do. The Mile High City, as people call it has spectacular views and vistas of the nearby Rocky Mountains. Is driving a Chevy Camaro Convertible through the city of Denver something you’d like to experience?

camaro denver colorado rocky mountain

A Camaro is a piece of art and is always a hit with keen drivers. Some can afford to pay for one and enjoy luxury rides and other love to add a touch of style when holidaying or even visiting on business by renting one.

Now, is it possible to rent a Camaro in Denver? It is, but there aren’t as many rental agencies as in other cities like Los Angeles or Miami for instance. Renting a Camaro in Denver costs on average $220 per day. The cost will be cheaper when rented weekly and some high street rental agencies have very good options and specials all year long.

The options below have been found by our team if you’re looking to rent a Camaro for a day or longer in the Denver area:


Avis Cool Cars is one the high-street agencies that have Camaro for rent. They have the Camaro SS 2010 on offer but you’re welcome to ask for the latest model as they may have it at the time of your enquiry. Avis advise to book early as the model is not always available. Now, this may be one of their marketing tricks but booking early has benefits anyway such as a decent discount.

Also consider booking online to take advantage of further ‘web only’ specials that can earn you more discounts of up to 25% off standard rates.

To rent a Camaro with Avis, visit

Avis can be contacted on the following numbers:

  • Rates and Reservations 1-800-331-1212
  • Customer Service 1-800-352-7900

PaylessCar can provide Camaros for rent in Denver. They do specialize in discounted rentals and have a luxury sections. They don’t advertise all their models but can provide you with a quote for the latest Camaro. Just like Avis, provides the best quotes when booking early.

They are conveniently located at Denver International Airport, which address is below:

25340 East 78th Avenue
Denver, CO 80249
United States
Tel : 303-342-9444

You can visit at


Budget rental agency have the latest Chevrolet Camaro Convertible for rent. Although the quote is not listed, Budget Rentals offers the following:

  • Use of Coupons
  • Discounted fare if you book early
  • Fixed price of the day reserve (payable at counter)

Below is the website address for the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible:

Alternatively, you can reach the Reservation Service on 800-527-0700

We hope this information has been useful in helping you find a Camaro for rent in Denver, Colorado.  Please let us know by commenting below if you find any other locations where it is possible to rent a Camaro and we’ll add them to this post!

Renting a Camaro in Miami

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Visiting Miami, either for business or leisure is a real treat. The streets of the most famous city of the sunshine state are just perfect for luxury car enthusiasts. Naturally, driving a luxury car remains an unforgettable experience, but even more so when it is a Camaro.

Miami Beach Camaro Rental

Renting a Camaro in Miami is easy. Many rental agencies offer competitive prices and often exceed their clients’ expectations by offering the latest models available for a fraction of the cost.

Below is a selection of several Miami-based agencies where you can rent a Camaro. Discovering the amazing vistas of the city of Miami at the wheel of a world-class vehicle couldn’t be easier.


The specifics and rentals rates are as follows:

  • Seats 4
  • Excellent delivery options/ Pick up or have it dropped off
  • Prices from $179 per day or $999 per week
  • Weekend specials available from$489

AutoBoutique is located at 3975 NW 25th St., Miami, FL 33142

Contact details are as follows:
Local – 305-531-7990
Toll Free – 866-99-EXOTIC (396842)
Fax – 305-531-7195

Family Auto Rental

Family Auto Rental is another reliable rental agency that serves Miami’s airport.

The rental rates for a Chevy Camaro Convertible are as follows:

  • From$89.95 per day or $399.95 per week
  • Please note that a deposit is required (from $300 to $500) at the time of collection of the rental vehicle
  • Discounts and specials can be offered as it is a family oriented rental company

Family Auto Rental is located at the address below:

Miami Airport Car Rental Center
Miami Florida, 33142

Phone: (305) 638-9400
Fax: (305) 638-9479
Toll-Free: (800) 531-1177

Antillian Luxury Rentals

This agency has a Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible available for rent.

  • 2 door coupés and convertible’s available
  • Prices from $189.99 per day or $1,289.99 per week
  • Provides delivery and pick up services
  • Monthly specials available
  • AAA members are offered discounts as well as coupons

The address of Antillian Luxury Rentals is:

Miami Office
5570 NW 84TH AVE
Miami FL, 33166

Phone: (305) 871-2125
Toll-Free: (855) 501-2886

Tolsy Luxury Car Rental

Tolsy offers the following:

  • Chevy Camaro 2SS Convertible
  • $329,54 per day
  • $1993.34 per week
  • 24 hours delivery and pickup services available.

Tolsy Luxury Car’s Rental is located at:

4019 NW 25th St
Miami, FL 33142
United States

Toll Free: (866)-59-TOLSY (86579)
Phone: (305) 871-7300
Fax: (305) 871-7302

We hope this information helps you in finding a Chevrolet Camaro that meets your needs in the Miami area.  If you find any other good deals, or rare models, please let us know by commenting on this post!